About Us

In the late 1990’s several national companies exited the long-term care rehabilitation services. As a response, Millennium Therapy was created through a strong vision and an unending desire to serve the nursing home industry and its population. Founder Cathy Smith was determined to stand by her customers, patients, therapists and principles when she started serving Iowa’s rehabilitation needs in June of 1999.

Through steady growth and a clear vision, Millennium has grown to serving over a hundred locations throughout the state. In 2001, Millennium opened its first outpatient location in Fort Dodge, and since then we have opened numerous clinics throughout Iowa. Millennium will continue to add outpatient and contracted locations throughout the state, creating a unique environment in which we provide a variety of opportunities for our staff and continuance of care for our patients.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of rehabilitation services to our clients and patients. In the communities we serve, we strive to achieve optimal customer partnerships with cost-effective, responsive operational excellence; supporting them in realizing their goals.


At Millennium Therapy we are committed to improving the lives of our patients through delivering quality rehabilitation.

Our passion for the rehabilitation profession is demonstrated in our enthusiasm, optimism, patience, determination, and commitment. The ethical and professional standards we stand by require us to achieve the best possible results for our patients. We assure that our patients and customers will both enjoy and benefit from a highly responsive team of rehabilitation professionals who deliver cost effective, high quality care in an open and proactive relationship. Our people are our most valued asset. Millennium Therapy encourages the professional and personal development for all our employees. We strive for optimal teamwork and an environment conducive to dynamic communication and cooperation among all disciplines.

Millennium Therapy is a company dedicated to the pursuit of this Vision.


Focusing upon customer, patient and therapist satisfaction continues to help us develop into a company with some of the finest experience and expertise in the industry. Our statewide organization and mission focus gives us the ability to react quickly to customer needs and therapist development. We are large enough to provide a stable relationship, yet small enough to give you honest, true attention.

Our Team

Rob Hentzen; Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Upon graduation from the physical therapy academy in The Netherlands, Rob spent time in medical research before moving to the United States in 1987. After initially working as a therapist at a rehabilitation clinic in the Chicago area, he worked for a law firm in foreign recruitment and started a contract services business. Following this Rob developed and managed a private practice in Chicago. His interest in working for a larger organization drove him to Baxter International and later its spin off Caremark Orthopedic Services. While working as a Regional Director, Rob earned his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Business. During 1993 and 1994 Rob was the Area Vice –President for NovaCare’s Contract Services Division out of Denver Colorado. Following this he was recruited back to Caremark for a brief period after which he became one of the founders of Matrix Rehabilitation, an outpatient rehabilitation provider based in Dallas, Texas. Rob helped create a 200 clinic network in 14 states through acquisitions and start-up locations. During this time he also managed a third party payer network and several occupational medicine facilities.

After seven years and the sale of Matrix, Rob took the opportunity to join Millennium Rehab & Consulting Group and move to his wife’s native state of Iowa. Initially as COO he helped grow the company by adding several outpatient clinics and expanding the services in long term care and home health. Currently as Part-Owner/CEO, with a passion for business development, Rob plans for continued steady growth by development of Millennium’s associates and customer relations.


Catherine Elbert Smith: Founder and President

Originally from Ames, Iowa, Catherine obtained her B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 1972. Beginning her career in Houston, TX, she initially focused on long-term care before moving to general rehab and finally to brain injury rehab. She moved to Austin and then to San Antonio where she pursued the practice of brain injury rehab to assist in developing transitional living and outpatient programs. She held various management positions throughout this time and was active in the Texas Occupational Therapy Association, the Texas Head Injury Foundation, and was adjunct faculty for the Occupational Therapy Program at the University of Texas at Galveston and at Texas Woman’s University.

In 1991, her career took an unexpected turn. Following the death of her father, Catherine returned to Iowa in order to be closer to her aging mother. She took a management position with Associated Healthfocus, a large contract therapy company, located in Des Moines. With her leadership, the company grew from 15 contracts to well over 100 in Iowa and Nebraska. Associated Healthfocus was merged three times and after two name changes, the company came to be known as Prism Rehab. In 1999, Prism Rehab decided to cease doing business as a contract therapy company and exited all contracts in May. During her time at Prism Rehab, Catherine had developed relationships with several administrators and owners of long-term care facilities in Iowa. Aware of several talented, knowledgeable and loyal therapists that were unemployed, despite the growing need for quality contract therapy services, Catherine decided to create her own company: Millennium Therapy.


Jennie Nalley: Human Resources Manager

Jennie joined Millennium in February of 2007 and has a certification as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). With her experience in human resources and also accounting when working for Two Rivers Marketing and Kavalier and Associates, as well as certificates in Banking and Financial Services, Jennie has helped Millennium establish online payroll, time keeping and benefit management. Jennie assists in the growth of Millennium by creating systems and procedures for all aspects of Human Resources and tirelessly works with third party organizations and vendors to manage our ever growing workforce. In addition she has been instrumental in revamping employee benefits and our recruiting efforts. While running a strong Human Resources Department, Jennie and her staff are key to the growth of the company and with her ability to quickly adapt to change Jennie is looking forward to the changes that lie ahead in our company and industry.


Brenna Young; Controller

Brenna graduated from Grandview College in 1985 and began her career in manufacturing. After twelve years in the industry she went back to Drake University to obtain her MBA. After graduating in 1999, she switched gears and became a controller for a small construction/landscaping company. After September 11, the industry took a huge downturn and the construction company was unable to recover the economic devastation. Brenna took this opportunity to delve into a new and growing industry; health care. She joined Millennium Therapy in October 2001 and enjoys being part of a growing company whose professional staff continues to grow with a focus on both client and customer needs and services.


Angela Hansen-Abbas: Director of Clinical Documentation and Compliance

Angela is an Occupational Therapist who graduated from Wartburg College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She then attended Washington University and received a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 1993. Angela began her career at Covenant Medical Center for over two years. Her experience there was in Acute Rehab, Chronic Pain Management, and Hand Therapy. Angela then left acute care to go into Geriatrics, first taking a job with RehabWorks as a Rehab Director in several skilled nursing homes in northeast Iowa. After one year there, Angela then moved to central Iowa and soon took a position with Prism Rehab Systems as a Program Coordinator in several facilities in the Des Moines area. Angela has been with Millennium Rehab since it started in 1999. Angela’s current position focuses documentation audits, Medicare/Insurance compliance, staff education, and billing. Angela enjoys working with all of the staff throughout the state and looks forward to the future of Millennium Rehab.


Stacy Young: Director of Training and Staff Development

Stacy earned her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of Iowa and her Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She practiced largely in long term care and hospital based settings. Stacy joined Millennium in February, 2005. Since then she expanded her skills in the areas of outpatient care, home health and augmentative communication. In 2009 Stacy took on a management role. This allows her to meet with Millennium staff across the state and provide education about clinical training, Medicare regulations, and reimbursement issues. Stacy is proud to be part of a growing team that values its employees and provides many opportunities for professional growth.